Rolledge Wire Shelving wardrobe system

Rolledge Ventilated Wire Shelving—One of our more popular wire wardrobe systems with its distinctive modern look, and the added strength of steel shelving.

Flexible storage ideas from Rolledge for the entire home

Advantages of the Rolledge ventilated shelving system are: total visibility of the items being stored, ensuring everything is easy to find; air circulation around the wardrobe interior and; no areas for dust or mites to gather.

Combine Rolledge Wire and Classic Whiteboard in your wardrobe—and get the best of both.

Rolledge Classic Whiteboard wardrobe system

Rolledge Classic Whiteboard—another popular choice with Rolledge customers.

The Rolledge Classic Whiteboard wardrobe system in Melamine has clean stylish looks and makes the most of areas short of natural light.

Smart & Flexible with Stylish Shelf and Draw Solutions

Custom made to meet your individual needs. The Rolledge Classic Whiteboard Wardrobe can be made in a range of board thicknesses.

The Rolledge Classic Whiteboard wardrobe storage solution is a totally flexible system that can include large range of storage components and features such as Hanging Rails, Towers, Shelving, Pull-out Draws, Expandable Belt and Tie Racks, Pull-out Laundry Baskets, Shoe Storage and Sliding Trouser Racks.

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