Garage Storage

Transform garage chaos into order

For too long and for too many homeowners, the garage has always been associated with clutter, disorganisation and mess. But today, garages are more than just a place to park the car, or store unwanted junk—the garage has now become an integral part of the home often doubling up as a laundry, hobby area, or workshop.

So, how important is the look of the garage to your home?

Did you know that seventy three percent of people enter the house through the garage, and a quarter (25%) of all people with a two car garage, can't fit a single car inside.

Rolledge has created a number of garage storage solutions designed solely for the garage that includes Storage Systems, Storage Shelves, Wall Hanging Systems, Cabinets, Work Benches and accessories.

Letís get Organised!

If you're not sure where to start—Rolledge can show you ways to organise your garage—an area that is often regarded as an underutilised part of the home.

Rolledge garage storage solutions include:

  • Rubbermaid FastTrack System—Designed to help you get your garage storage back on track
  • Elfa—Maximise the storage potential of your garage
  • Rolledge Custom Made—We design, build and install garage storage solutions , to fit your needs in Wire or Classic Whiteboard—or combine them both.

Rubbermaid FastTrack System

The Rubbermaid FastTrack wire storage system is available in Satin Nickel powder coat, so, it wonít rust or crack. The wall brackets can be used with both timber and wire.

Itís also amazingly strong, the top holding rail can hold up to 793Kg of weight.

The range of accessories includes: Bike Racks, Power Tool Holders, Ladder Hooks, Baskets, Wheel Barrow Holders, Hose Hooks and more…

Elfa Garage Storage Systems

The Elfa easy hang system combines Shelves, Baskets, Draws and Hooks enabling you to get virtually everything off the floor. Making everything easy to see and access.

This ventilated wire garage system is made from epoxy bonded steel, that is strong and flexible, with a range of accessories that include Bike Racks, Baskets, Hooks, Sliding Shelves—making it the right choice for organising you garage.

Rolledge Garage Storage Systems

We can custom design, build and install garage storage solutions that solve all your garage clutter problems, in ventilated Wire Shelving or our Classic Whiteboard. The Rolledge garage system can include Drawers, Work Benches, Towers and Cabinets.

If you want to keep it out of sight—Rolledge can hide it all behind one of our range of Sliding or Folding DoorsCustom made for your garage.

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